Piano Instruction and Performance
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Roxann's Resume
 Pianist for open house for Henry S. Miller Real-estate in Las Colinas, 1986
 Pianist for the Republican Oak Cliff Fine Arts Society, 1990
 Small church pianist, 1990
 Pianist at the Adolphus Hotel, LeBaron and Holiday Inn
 Pianist at the Chaparral Club in Dallas, Crystals Pizza, Tom Thumb
 Piano teacher from high school to present
 John Deere Company Party
 Tickled Ivories 2007
 Piano teacher for Piano Lessons in Your Home 2007

Highschool piano teacher: Ruth Ann Hoffman
  Southern Methodist University-                       
Full scholarship for piano performance -Dr. Muledous - 1990  
  Liberty University - Full scholarship for piano performance  -Dr. Erwin
  Texas Christian University - Full scholarship for piano performance - Steven De Groote 

   Piano Performance 
  Piano accompaniment
  Piano Teacher

 1st place-East Texas State University Piano Contest, 1987
  1st place- Dallas Music Teacher’s Association piano competition, 1988
  2nd place-The Dallas Symphonic Festival Youth Solo Instrument Competition, 1988

Member of Music Teacher's National Association
Member of Dallas Music Teacher's Association
Member of Irving Music Teacher's Association
Member of Texas Music Teacher's Association
  Pianist in the Schubert Study Club, 1989
  Accompanist for voice majors and instrumentalists, 1989-1990
  Pianist for church Bible School, 1986-1987
  Pianist for Sunday night service at the First Baptist Church, Dallas, 1989
  Accompanist for a women’s choir, 1989
  Pianist for Annual Prayer Breakfast-Women’s Council of Realtors, 1990
  Accompanist for Musical Theatre Class at Life Song Studio in Grapevine,  2007